Discover, Host & Join Shared Experiences

Welcome to the Scoby+
Affiliate Program!

Scoby+ is the first ever Curated Program

of Live, Real-time Sessions hosted by Significant Creators. 

Each session provides profound shared experiences. These are not tutorials, masterclasses or trainings. Scoby+ sessions are based on Experiential Learning, the most direct method of mastering new capabilities.


​You'll be offering your audience free passes to Scoby+. With each free pass, there is an upgrade path to paid subscriptions and an order bump to the Creators Guild mastermind.

All attendees will be able to watch the 30 plus presentations live over the 3 days.

Once they have signed up fo their tickets, we then offer them the chance to gain lifetime access to our members only area where they can view all presentation recordings.

This is called an Access Pass and it provides a huge amount of value to attendees including:

  •  Access to view all event recordings for life
  •  Audio only recordings 
  •  Session Notes
  •  Live Q & A session at the end of the Summit


For every person who buys an event ticket or Access Pass we will pay you 40% commission (On Net Sales: Gross Sales - refunds = Net Sales).


There will be 3 pricing tiers for the Event, $97 super early bird, $147 early bird and event started price of $197.

The All Access pass is excellent value and we are conversion optimisation experts so we are expecting a high percentage of attendees to choose to purchase.

They will be offered the Access Pass immediately on signing up for the free pass to attend the event and again with follow up emails as the event date get nearer.

People will also be able to buy the Access Pass for several months after the event.

We will give you a 12 month affiliate ID and every person who signs up for the free pass will be tied to you in the event they buy the upgrade at anytime.


Commission owed will be paid by bank transfer or PayPal every month. 

How to Earn BIG As an Affiliate for My Live Event

 Offer some kind of value added bonus for signing up 

  Do a blog post on the Summit

  Post one of our banners to your Facebook Page

  Send out a Tweet with your affiliate link for people to sign up

  Send out an email at least 2 times to your list

  Run a Facebook Ads campaign

  Recruit other affiliates and get 10% of their earnings!

Affiliate Promotion Rules

 No Spamming

  Email your list as your own company and make it clear you are promoting the event

  No Cash Incentives

  No Cookie Stuffing

  No Fake Signups (All are manually checked)


  • Only available on Scoby Social!


  • +1 (304) 283-9609

    (text or WhatsApp only please)


Scoby+ is the curated, premium tier of service from Social Social, an app supporting our creator ecosystem where you can discover, host and join shared experiences.

We invite you to join these powerful creators a guest in shared experiences and encourage you to host sessions of your own!

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